Project Management

Project Management is one of the most valuable tools for a business. Ensure that you function at peak efficiency by getting organized and prioritizing tasks. We will help you utilize an array of project management tools and principles that are used by some of the the world's most successful organizations.

We provide a full business consultation and create a roadmap to success by identifying pain points and working with you to create a path forward.


Individual Project Management

Taking on a new or large project as a small business may seem overwhelming and near impossible, especially if you have few manager-level employees who can take the lead. A project manager will handle the management and coordination of your project which frees up resources within your business. Propell3r has the expertise to help you manage your next project and allow your team to function at peak efficiency.

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Project Management Software Implementation

Small businesses know the feeling of a never ending stream of work lying ahead but the better organized and prepared you are, the more efficiently you can tackle that work. Countless tools exist to help your team function more efficiently and Propell3r wants to help you find the right one for your business and implement it with you and your team to help you become more efficient.


Ongoing Project Management

Small business owners and managers spend a significant amount of time on tedious administrative work and coordination of their teams. Imagine what you could accomplish if all the administrative work and coordination was take off your plate. Propell3r wants to make that dream a reality so you can focus on the tasks that add the most value to your business.


Diving into your processes…


How often have you heard someone say at your work “this is just how it’s always been done.”The truth is while it may be how its always been done, that doesn’t mean there is not a better way to do it. A Propell3r process improvement consultation will help you find workflows and processes in your business that need to be updated.


We will take time to understand the reasons behind your current workflows so that we can find a solution that accomplishes that goal more easily and hopefully more efficiently.


Management Support

Managing and providing direction for a team can be the most intimidating part of owning a business. Propell3r will help you communicate with employees regarding conflicts, benefits, and everything in between using our wealth of management experience and human resource knowledge.


Vendor Management

Businesses are utilizing the skills and expertise of other business more and more to help them succeed, but managing and keeping track of your vendors can eat up significant amount of your day. Propell3r wants to step in and help coordinate you and your vendors using our proven workflows and processes or integrate your business with a custom vendor management system.


Make progress on your processes.