Ignite Your Success With Social Media

Social media. Every business owner knows they need to be active on social media but many don’t know where to start or how to be effective. We’ve compiled a few practical tips to get your social media game started on the right foot or improved.


Know Your Platform

There are a lot of platform options to be active on but knowing your objectives and target market will help you choose which platform will provide the most return for your efforts and time. Below is some information to get you started on a few of the largest social media platforms that Propell3r suggests business owners utilize:

Facebook is the most popular social network and is the only platform that potential clients may expect to find you. While you can post about your business and there will be some overlap in content, it is best practice to create a separate business page. Creating a business page allows you to select a target audience and pay to boost posts to increase your visibility. If you only choose to be active on one social media platform, it should be Facebook.

Instagram is the fastest growing social media network and attracts a younger, more tech-friendly audience than Facebook. Pictures, videos, and “stories” rule Instagram and can help your audience learn about you and your listings. Similar to Facebook, it is best practice to create a separate business account and then link it to your business Facebook page (Facebook owns Instagram) which makes cross-posting much easier. Instagram is quickly becoming the next platform that your audience will expect you to be on so if you want to be ahead of the curve, set up your Instagram account now.

LinkedIn is a platform for professionals to connect with one another, share ideas, and promote content. Content on LinkedIn will be focused on building your expertise, showcasing your knowledge, and sharing ideas. LinkedIn could be especially beneficial to business-to-business organizations or those that are looking to recruit. Carefully assess your target market and willingness to produce or research content before committing to LinkedIn.

Share Tips and Tricks About Your Business

When a potential client is thinking of replacing their back deck, they start searching for information about the process. Sharing tips and tricks in the form of articles and blogs for your target audience to see is a powerful way to become the first person they think of when they start looking for a contractor. You can create your own content or find content made by others to share. The average person spends close to an hour per day on social media which means you have the perfect opportunity to get in front of them and showcase your expertise.


Be Professional and Personal

Social media is a great tool to showcase your amazing work but no one wants to a social profile filled only with pictures of things you’ve done in the past. Your clients want to work with a someone they can relate to and trust. Social media lets you engage with potential clients and show off your personality before you ever actually meet them in person. Posts about your family, hobbies, or causes your passionate about are fantastic ways to make yourself relatable to potential clients.

Ready to Get Started?

Now that you have a better understanding of how to use social media to improve your marketing the next step is to get started. If you still need a little more information before you get started be on the lookout for future blogs with more in-depth information and instructions on specific social platforms. Don’t want to wait for the next blog? Reach out at www.propell3r.com/contact/ to get started planning your social media strategy today.

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