Demystifying Boosted Posts on Facebook


Has Facebook ever asked if you wanted to boost a recent post but you weren’t sure what that meant or how to get started? Have you been wondering why your fantastic posts haven’t been getting as many likes and want to increase the number of people who see your content? This week we’re going to demystify the boosted post by telling you what it is and how to get started taking advantage of this powerful tool!

What is a Boosted Post?

Boosting a post means you are taking one of your regular newsfeed posts and paying to put in front of a target audience including age, location, interests, gender, and other options. Facebook gradually decreases your organic reach (the number of people, including your current followers, who will see your content on their feed without you paying) over time which is why you may have seen your likes, follows, and shares decrease. While having another expense as a real estate agent or small business owner isn’t ideal, the good news is that boosted posts don’t have to be expensive to be effective.

Step One: Choose a Post

The first step to boosting a post is to pick the content you are going to boost! You want your content to be engaging and relevant to your business so choosing posts like a recent blog you wrote, a new product, or a new listing is ideal. Last week in Want to elevate your social success to the next level? You need Social Videos! we discussed how video is king and boosted posts is a great way to get that amazing content in front of your target audience.

We’'ll be boosting a Social Spotlight Video by Propell3r


Step Two: Pick an Objective and Add a Button

The next thing you are going to do is pick an objective for your boosted post such as increasing engagement or increasing messages. Next you can choose to add a button to encourage people to take action. Buttons can encourage shopping, signing up, and getting directions among others. Choosing an appropriate button can greatly increase the successfulness of your boosted post by giving your audience an easy way to act!


Step Three: Choosing an Audience

Next, you will tackle the most powerful feature of boosting posts (aside from the actual content of course!) - choosing the audience that will see your content. Facebook will suggest audiences based on your current followers but also allows you to create your own audience.


When you create a new audience you will first name your audience, choose if you are targeting males, females, or both, and the age range of your audience.


Next, you will choose the location you are targeting. This could be your current market to increase leads or a new market you are entering to build awareness of your brand. You can choose multiple locations if you have multiple markets you are targeting!


The final part of the audience is choosing interests, behaviors, and other demographics. This is the spot where you can really hone in on your target audience and get in front of people who are more likely to be receptive to your marketing. Facebook will also give you an estimated audience population based on all of your selections to let you know how many people may see your content!


Step Four: Placement, Budget, and Duration

Now that you’ve picked who is going to see your boosted post, it’s time to set where your ad is going to be placed, your budget, and how long the boosted post will run. You don’t need to worry about placement because Facebook will use their data to automatically place your ad where it is most likely to be successful!


You can start inputting different budgets and boosted post durations and Facebook will give you an estimated reach based on different budgets as well as how long you choose to run the boosted post. The bigger the budget and longer you run the boosted post, the more people who will see your content. However, to be effective you don’t need to spend lots of money, depending on your selected audience $15.00 can get your brand seen by up to 1,300 per day!


Ready to Get Started

Now that how boosting a Facebook post has been demystified, it’s time to start getting your awesome content in front of the people want to see what you have to offer. If you would rather have some professional help in putting together a successful Facebook marketing campaign reach out to us at to get started planning your social media strategy today.

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