App Series: 3 free apps to boost your business


Apps have empowered small businesses. What used to require an office can be done from virtually anywhere. The right app can save you time and keep you sane. Here are a couple of Propell3r’s favorites.


Time is money, and you need to know how it is spent.
Free and paid versions available

Everyone knows that tracking time is important to billing and identifying tasks that could be eating too much time, but it’s can be tedious. I have been guilty of skipping this step because it can feel like I spend as much time logging minutes as I do completing tasks. That’s why I like RescueTime. The app allows you to set goals, build basic reports and automate much of what has been a manual process. As a designer, I also love the simple and charming interface.

RescueTime also offer an upgrade that gives you access to reporting and offline time tracking. The features aren’t necessary for everyone, but does come with a slick dashboard that can produce helpful graphs and charts to breakdown where your valuable time is going.


Stay in touch with your business.
Free and paid versions available

Keep your business connected with Slack. This app combines great features like chat, screen share and voice calls. Send files, links and videos to keep projects on track with group conversation. And best of all, slack is available on almost every device. Slack is a fantastic stand-alone application, but gets even better with integrations for calendars, project management, and even Google Analytics.
For under $7 per user, you can also hold conference calls with up to 15 people, keep your entire message history, and add 10 GB or more of storage per user.


Super secure passwords are super hard to remember

How many times a month do you have to reset a password? Most businesses use dozens of accounts and services, and remembering all of those login credentials can be a challenge. 1Password is a great way to organize and these sensitive details in an accessible and orderly fashion. Create a directory on your favorite cloud service and use a master password to reach all of your stored usernames and passwords. Copy, paste, and you are logged in.Attach files up to 10MB from your computer, or link any file from your Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, or OneDrive.

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