Are You Ready for a Remote Position?

Take a minute and picture this; five years ago Bob started a plumbing business, and he quickly became one of the best plumbers in town. He even began expanding by hiring a couple of additional plumbers and business is booming. But things are starting to get out of hand ashis days are  filled with new client calls, existing client calls, working in the field, and trying to keep all the back office of his business together. What should he do?

I think a lot of people might tell Bob to slow down, only take on the business he can handle, grow slow. But I think that there is another way. Instead of hiring additional employees why not spend money in more focused areas where you specifically need support. Bob doesn’t have a demand issue, in fact, he struggling with the capacity to meet demand. Instead, Bob is being pulled in too many different directions, he is being asked to do accounting, marketing, employee management, project management, and whatever else might come up running a business. But if Bob can focus his time on clients and actual plumbing work, where his strengths lie, he can actually increase his capacity and continue to grow. Bringing in outside assistance is not as expensive as you might think, and why not bring in support for the 20 hours of work there is, instead of being forced to hire a full time employee?

Outside assistance can be a more focused use of your money rather than just hiring more employees. For example bringing in someone to help with bookkeeping for a set cost each month is significantly cheaper than hiring an employee to manage your books or spending the time yourself away from other needs. The outsourced help will generally provide expertise at a lower cost than hiring a full time employee. Another option could be to bring in someone to manage the logistics of a project, so you or your managers can focus on their normal day to day responsibilities. This allows you to keep your same level of production as well as taking on more work. Project managers are great at providing high level organization and providing the support individuals need to accomplish their jobs more efficiently. Business owners often have a desire to keep their hands in the weeds as their business grows, but at some point you need to focus on driving idea creation and innovation, letting others implement on your behalf.

Ultimately it comes down to two things:

 1) Are there areas of your business where you don’t have expertise and are becoming overwhelmed? And 2) Is your business at a place financially where you can afford support but not additional employees? If you answered yes to either of these questions you should take an honest look at what resources are out there and where you might be able to bring in some support.

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