Small Business, Big Brand

The journey to success lasts a very long time. If you’re an entrepreneur, you know that humble beginnings are a reality and that success takes serious determination. Chances are, your business plan incorporates roadmaps and milestones to keep you on track — but is your brand built to make the full journey?

The sad truth is, most small businesses neglect their branding efforts. Sure, they might advertise — post on Facebook and send out emails. But when it comes down to branding, most entrepreneurs and small businesses don’t give it a second thought.

Why? Well, branding is a difficult endeavor. It’s complex, always-evolving. It can be hard to know what to do first, what steps to take.

However, branding is the single-most important factor in bringing your endeavor — your small business or your project — greater success, especially if you’re surrounded by competitors.

As public trust in organizations, the government, and authority wanes, positioning yourself as a brand people can trust is a powerful tool that gives your business an edge. You’ll be the business that people think of while they reach for their wallets. You need people to know and trust your brand.

Now that you’re convinced, what exactly is a brand? It’s probably not surprising that the marketing world has a lot of debate over what is and isn’t a brand.

The best example is this:

Imagine that Coca-Cola lost everything but their brand. Their factories, their products, their staff, all wiped out.

Experts say that as long as Coca-Cola still had their brand, they would be able to remake their multi-billion dollar empire in a few years.

That’s the power of branding.

What does branding mean to you? For small businesses and entrepreneurs, branding deals mostly with brand image and brand recognition. Do your customers know who you are? And how do they feel about you — do they think you’re a good value, a rip-off, a trustworthy friend?

No matter what niche you’re in, there are likely thousands of people offering an identical service. Some of them might even do it better than you. And competing on price just dries your profit margins down.

Branding can help you rise above the competition and grow your profits.

In an increasingly inter-connected era, it’s important that you go beyond being a business and offer consumers an emotional message that they can connect with, and branding can help you do that.

If you’re interested in forming a brand for your business, there are a few key starting points. Click here to read them.

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