3 Ways to Think About Branding

If branding is so complex, how do you do it? By aligning your business, project, or service with a recognizable message, you can begin creating an impression in your customers’ minds.

1. Connect your brand with that “little something extra.”
For a second let’s pretend you need some plumbing work done on your home. You see two brands at the top of your Google search (or when you open the phone book if you like to do things the old-fashioned way), and you examine both of them.

The first says “We’re the cheapest and the fastest!” Well, that’s a good start.

The second one says, “We’re cheap, fast, and we have a Red Carpet Guarantee — no matter what work we do on your home, we’re going to leave it in perfect condition. Our workers wear slippers, so no scuffs or scratches on your hardwood floor, and zero mess.” Which company are you going to call?
Most people would choose the second one. This is based on a true story, too: a mechanical company advertised their guarantee to leave the customer’s home better than they found it. They obtained much more business than their competitors.

How? They connected their brand to “something a little extra” that their customers wanted.

Your “little something extra” will be different depending on what your niche is. But a good way to figure out what that should be is to listen to customer complaints — either about your business or the last person they did business within your niche. Wrap that concern in a positive guarantee, and you’re on your way to making a brand message.

2. Think “Top of Mind”
Even when businesses and projects have advertising budgets, it’s difficult to get the owners to spend money on anything that’s not an immediate promotion.
Promotions, coupons, and sales all feel good. There’s a tangible, verifiable connection between your marketing money and your results. But in many cases, these efforts are not sufficient to build a brand — and will only have limited results.
Instead, get an edge on the competition by advertising to become “top of mind.” Countless studies have proven that “top of mind” advertising works — just look at the marketing efforts of McDonalds and Coca-Cola.
While you probably don’t have the budget to compete on a global basis, you can at least gain top-of-mind-ness in your local area.
What is “top of mind” advertising? It’s advertising that means your company will be the first one your customer thinks of when they look for services in that niche. It isn’t just about recognition, it’s about building trust. Consumers are far more likely to go with a name they know.

3. Step Back and Evaluate
If you feel like you’ve been branding your business already, or if you’ve put a lot of effort into crafting a brand message, step back and look at it critically.
You might have noticed that big brands seem to change their slogans every couple of years. That’s because they realize that the market landscape is always evolving. Even if you think your brand message is reliable, it probably could still benefit from a change.
For example, if your brand isn’t technology-friendly, it’s imperative that you make it technology-friendly. This doesn’t mean catering to the youth — instead, consider if your site is mobile-friendly, people can find you on Google, and so on.
With a few tweaks, you can make your existing brand message even better.

Branding is a complex project, but these three steps will help to strengthen your brand and give you the edge over your competition. Not sure about next steps? Visit the Propell3r contact page and set an appointment.

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