3 Signs Your Website Needs a Facelift

There’s no denying that styles and technology evolve quickly. I write this wearing a shirt that made me feel trendy a few years ago but now makes me think I need to update my wardrobe. Just like the clothes we wear support our personal brand and leave an impression, your website is doing the same for your business. Neglecting your site will transform it from an investment into a cost and could have a negative impact on your brand. Here are three signs that you should consider a site facelift.


1. Wait for it...

Load your site’s homepage on your smartphone and see how long it takes. Users will give your website only a handful of seconds before moving on to the next option. Achieving optimal load times is a juggling act so photos, videos, and site functions must be weighed for importance and optimized. Older websites are the worst offenders because they may be running on outdated platforms and not taking advantage of new technology.

2. Scrollin’ Scrollin’ Scrollin’

Now that your site is loaded, count all the ways you can scroll on the page. Can you scroll in more than one direction? If so, it might be time to update. Is there a frame inside of the page with its own sidebar to only scroll the content in that frame? If so, it’s probably time to update.

The same users that visit your company’s page spend much of their time on sites like Amazon or in apps like Uber. Popular and well trafficked web destinations have done an incredible job streamlining every aspect of what the public uses and because we spend our time there, we expect a similar experience everywhere. Scrolling back and forth to read a paragraph that runs off the screen - or trying to use sliding scroll bars that weren’t designed for touch screens subtracts from the impact you have on your customers.

3.Glossy Buttons

There was an era where every business came to the simultaneous conclusion that they needed to establish an online presence. Go-Daddy claimed permanent residence in regularly scheduled commercial breaks and every advertising agency looked to bolster their web capabilities. The start of this “Web 2.0” era was marked with a very loud style of design and, like a Carlos Santana Collaboration, is better suited for the era from which it came.

glossy buttons.jpg
glossy buttons2.jpg

Buttons like these were a fun way of helping users navigate in an unfamiliar environment. Modern users expect their navigation to feel intuitive and do not want a site that is  slowed by unnecessary decoration.

You might be looking at your website and recalling the effort it took to launch it, and now the thought of updating makes you want to curl up in a ball and cry. Good news! It’s easier and cheaper than ever to produce a quality site.  If you’d rather not tackle the project on your own, Propell3r has over a decade of experience in web design and because we work exclusively with small businesses - we understand what is really necessary for your website to become an asset for your business again and the importance of keeping it affordable (say bye-bye to monthly hosting fees)! Contact us today to schedule your free website facelift consultation!

What’s Next?

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