Feeling Lost? Listen to Your Employees – They’ll Help You Get Where You Need to Go (Part 2)

Have you ever wondered what you need to do to take your business to the next level? The most valuable resource for growth of any small business is not money or secrets, it’s their employees. Your employees interact with your clients every day, they follow the processes you created, and they make your business successful. The impact your employees have on your business is huge and their knowledge of you customer base and processes can be priceless. A great leader will harness the power of their employees to improve their business by soliciting their input and ideas by creating a system, providing feedback, and sharing the glory.

Create a System

Your employees have great ideas to improve your business but do you have a formal system in place to capture those ideas? You may casually ask for your employees’ input but unless they feel like you are actually listening they will quickly begin holding their ideas back. You need to create a system that allows your employees to share their ideas with you on regular basis.

An internal suggestion box is a simple system you can implement today that will give your employees the opportunity to submit suggestions whenever they have an idea. Another option is to include solicitation for ideas during a regular one-on-one meeting with your employees. If you don’t have regular one-on-one meetings with your staff, I encourage you to start meeting with each person at least monthly – it can be informal as walking to a local coffee shop for 15 minutes and talking. During these meetings you will build rapport and trust with your team so they feel confident and comfortable sharing their ideas with you.

Providing Feedback and Sharing Glory

Now that your employees have shared their ideas for improvement with you its important you provide feedback to show you were actually listened and spent valuable time from your day thinking about their idea. This feedback needs to come within a week of them sharing their idea with you to ensure they don’t think you’ve forgotten or dismissed their idea.

If you decide not to follow through with your employee’s suggestion, it is vitally important to ensure your employees knows you appreciated them sharing it with you and are happy they are thinking of ways to improve the business. Next you need to explain to them why you have decided not to implement their idea so they fully understand your thought process. Explaining your reasoning does two things, first it proves to the employee you took them and their idea seriously and second it teaches them how you think so they can filter and alter their own future ideas to be more useful.

If you decide to follow through with your employee’s idea, even if you change it somewhat, it is important you share the glory. Make sure the rest of your team knows a certain change is taking place because of an employee’s suggestion. Sharing the glory will energize the rest of your team to start thinking about how to improve the business. Before you know it you will have an unstoppable group of innovators who are all working to take your business to the next level.

Ask for Help

Does having a powerhouse team of employees all working to build your business sound exciting? Propell3r would love to help you create a system that makes sense for your business. Please reach out at https://www.propell3r.com/contact/ and we’ll schedule a time to start working together!

What’s Next?

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