Feeling Lost? Listen to Your Customers – They’ll Tell You Where to Go (Part 1)

Creating a successful business is hard. Maintaining a successful business is harder. History is full of businesses that failed to adapt to changing customer desires resulting in their ultimate demise. Companies such as Blockbuster, Borders, Toys R Us, and Kodak serve as great case studies but what can you do now to find out if you’re offering what your customers want? Listening to your customers by asking about their likelihood to recommend you and their experiences, both good and bad, will help you hone your business and adapt to the ever-changing environment better and faster than the competition.


Do you know why your customers choose you over your competition? Do you know why a certain customer stopped doing business with you after their last visit? Do you know how likely your customers are to recommend you to their sphere of influence?

A simple survey is a great medium to interact with your customers and gauge their thoughts, feelings, and experiences with your business. You can choose to administer periodic surveys to all your customers at once or provide instantaneous surveys whenever your customers interact with you – both are great options that can provide you valuable information on how your customers are feeling about you and your business.


You’ve decided you want to survey your customers to get their feedback and make sure you don’t fall behind their needs, but what do you ask your customers? Like me, I‘m sure you have opened an email survey or text survey for a business that you wanted to leave feedback for only to open the link and see page after page of questions and then promptly close it back down. Too many questions will push your customers away from responding so you need to have as few as possible to entice as many responses as possible. A survey should take the respondent no more than five minutes to complete-which generally means 10 question or less. Questions should be tailored to what you want to know from your customers – are you interested in how they view your brand, their most recent experience, or something else? Below are a few examples of questions you might ask:

  • Based on your most recent experience with our business, what are we doing well and how can we improve??

  • What is one product or service you wish our business would offer?

  • Is there anything else you’d like to let us know about our business?

Net Promoter Score(NPS)

You may be saying that the questions in the section above are great but how can I track how my business is trending with customers? Enter the Net Promoter Score (NPS). NPS is a metric used by businesses big and small around the world and consists of one simple question to measure the likelihood of your customers referring their sphere of influence to use your business.

  • How likely are you to recommend our business to family, friends, or colleagues with 10 being extremely likely and 0 being not likely at all?

Based on your customers answer each individual is placed in one of three categories:

  • Promotor – response of 9 or higher

  • Passive – response of 7 or 8

  • Detractor – response of 6 or less

All responses are combined and run through formula to determine a business-wide Net Promoter Score. When the NPS is tracked over time, it will tell you if your decisions have increased the likelihood of your customers recommending you to others.

Ask for Help

Excited about the prospect of hearing from your customers but don’t know where to start? Propell3r would love to help you create the perfect customer survey for your business. Please reach out at https://www.propell3r.com/contact/ and we’ll schedule a time to start working together!

What’s Next?

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