We worked with DIGR’s owner closely to build a strong relationship and a deep understanding of how DIGR operates. We were then able to integrate ourselves into their team and immediately provide support and process improvement that allowed everyone in the company to have valuable time back in their day.


DIGR provides a number of services for large companies across the United States that need help crunching their data. DIGR’s developers specialize in dashboard creation, data warehouse creation and management, and making your data work for you. The owner was in need of a project manager who could step in and coordinate the company’s many developers.


How we help:

  • Project management

  • Time-tracking reconciliation

  • Client communication management


First, we spent a couple days learning everything we could about their operations, the team,processes, and project management systems that were in place. We then created a tailored list of project management services that would support DIGR in the areas that would provide the most value.


Since Propell3r has partnered with DIGR to provide project management services, we have created and implemented custom processes and procedures for the DIGR team that has allowed the owner to take a more active role in the day-to-day operations and business development— resulting in new projects clients.